iPhone fundus camera revolutionizes the retinal exam!

The iPhone fundus camera is ground breaking!  By EyePhotoDoc™️ worlds  number 1 in Apple slit lamp photographic equipment 

Scientific basis of this advancement:

The iPhone Fundus camera™️ easily fits on your slit lamp and is available for use on every patient.

 The entire posterior pole can be seen at low light levels. When pathology is present simple turn up the light and document your findings.

The photo automatically uploads to your EHR and is hipaa compliant.

The image is upright and the field is large. No longer a ‘picket fence’ view where things can easily be missed. 

Patients hold their eyes still and never complain of the bright light.  You see an all inclusive 40 degree view instead of the 3 degree slit. (See below) The photos  are sent to your Apple iCloud account without any effort or cost to you.  Insurances  reimburse any medical necessary photo. The quality of the Apple camera is outstanding.  

Advantages of camera view over slit lamp lens

 The day in and day out routine Fundus slit lamp exam is limited by the 3 degree slit.  In an era of cameras and EHRs the Fundus Examcam™️ does things better.  These are the advantages:

Improves your retinal exams

 1. Gives comprehensive views of the posterior pole and never misses anything

2. Capture additional details frequently missed

3 .EHR photos shows changes much better than descriptions

Macular degeneration
Macular degeneration

Macular degeneration can better be followed

 The stages of macular degeneration can be followed to answer the frequent question "has my degeneration changed."

Glaucomatous optic nerve changes
Glaucomatous optic nerve changes

Really remember what the nerve looks like.....

Replaces estimates of cupping with photos

Photos are reimbursed by insurances.

All these benefits and you get paid for medical necessary photos!