iPhone fundus camera revolutionizes the retinal exam!

Use your iPhone on your slit lamp for low light Fundus examination and inclusive photos

Photos improve recall

The electronic health record uses prewritten descriptions but lacks the details of photos. Pictures instantaneously allows recognition of past findings and are much better than a check-the-box  computer note. Showing the patient there own fundus exam increase patient engagement and confidence in you.   The old, but true saying,  a picture is worth a thousand words is now revolutionizing electronic charting. Who could argue against the added capabilities!

Slit lamp narrow exam area misses findings

 The hand held slit lamp view is only 5 degrees and the bright light washes out contrast and reduces retinal detail. It is very easy to miss any area of the retina that may have clinical interest. 

21st century technology

The Examcam is based on new technology. 

1.The light is centered in the field instead of the donut light commonly used on most other  fundus cameras. This allows shadowing to accentuate depth 

2. Adjustable light intensity to avoid  washing out detail

3.External fixation light allows examination almost anywhere in the retinal 

4.Stainless steel base for extreme stability

5.Stays on slit lamp and slides in to make best use of your time 

 Better patent-centered care

 The 40 degree Fundus photo never misses any detail. The photo can be carefully examined to see easily missed details. It allows precision follow up. No flash required!

Fundus ExamCam™ on slit lamp
Fundus ExamCam™ on slit lamp

Stable and easy to use 

We resolved the stability problem  by using the slit lamp head rest and carriage. This steadies the patient's head and is intuitive to use.     

Portable fundus camera photo
Portable fundus camera photo

Anyone can do it

After a short learning curve an excellent picture is obtained. The device is used in any exam room by a doctor or technician

What you can use it for....

 The pictures can document and follow:

  1. macular degeneration
  2. optic nerve diseases
  3. diabetic diseases
  4. many retinal pathologies

Photo enhancement

 The pictures can be taken through cloudy media using the new image enhancements as in Photoshop Express

Comparisons  to our camera

 How does our camera compare to other Fundus cameras?  Below are actual pictures by the other manufactures and their web pages. We encourage comparisons. 

  • Our fundus camera fits onto the slit lamp  base that holds the camera and patients head steady. ( Just like the $20,000 Fundus cameras )
  • Better picture quality and dimensionality.  
  • The illumination system is on a rheostat for proper light intensity.  
  • Photo enhancement 
  • The camera can be properly adjusted using Manual Camera Apps for optimized capture
  • Precision eye fixation device
  • Only fundus camera with Image Intensification 
  • Least expense      
  • Designed for Electronic Health Records

Other cameras below and web site links

1. Some have flash
2. nonmydriatic

iNview by Volk compared to EyePhotoDoc
iNview by Volk compared to EyePhotoDoc

Other cameras pictures as seen on their web pages

  • iNview™Volk Has a 50 degree field but lacks magnification to see the main areas of interest of the macula and optic nerve. Has its own app and does not allow the advanced apps from the Apple Store. It is handheld which takes a steady hand to align and hold still. It lacks LED light control depending on the iPhone's light. The iPhone camera and its light are widely separated requiring  large pupil dilation. There are no camera controls so you can not optimize the photo.  Since you have to steady their device there is no free hand. Lacks patient fixation light!  Click here for Volk iNview™

iExaminer by WelchAllyn compared to EyePhotoDoc
iExaminer by WelchAllyn compared to EyePhotoDoc

Another web page view of a competitor

  • Welch Allyn IExaminer™is a monocular indirect ophthalmoscope designed originally without a camera. It has all the issues of holding it steady and tries to make it easier with a rubber cup. The iPhone 4 can be used with a plastic case but photography was an after thought. Click here for Welch Allyn IExaminer

VersaCam™ by Nidek compared to EyePhotoDoc
VersaCam™ by Nidek compared to EyePhotoDoc

The competition comparison. Check them out!

  • The Nidek VersaCam™ is not a smartphone based and lacks the versatility of being what modern phones can do. It is handheld with stability issues and no fixation light. It is the most expensive. Nidek VersaCam™

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