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 iPhone fundus camera revolutionizes the retinal exam!

Enhance details of Fundus Photos and photograph through hazy media

Electronically enhance retinal photos

 The cornea, lens, media  effect how clearly the retina is imaged. Digital enhancement allows a good photo even through a cloudy media. 

The age related retinal pigment epithelium  can be better evaluated by electronic color enhancement. This allows the changes of gyrate atrophy, and drusen to be easily seen, even when they are subtle. 

Free iPhone app to enhance retinal photos using Adobe™️ Photoshop Express

 Photoshop express will allow you to be use the Apple camera or camera roll to enhance the photo to bring out details. Frequently important 'subtle' findings are seen on scrutiny of the photo.  This can be enhanced by using the processing within the app. 

Frequently the clarity enhancement demonstrates things missed with the slit lamp 78 diopter lens!! Reexamination of the photo will show very subtle details as a small hemorrhage or retinal folds. 

Example of the power of enhancement

 This is the picture as taken. It is in focus and contains megapixels of detail Note below how enhancement helps

Note improved image

 The photo has been improved by with the clarity algorithm. It is not only clearer but shows more detail


Compare this one to the first photo!

 While this is the same picture notice these points which compare favorably with the best and most expensive fundus cameras

The image is no longer flat. Notice the vessels elevated over the nerve

The macular detail and the retinal pigment epithelium is easily seen.

Notice the large vessels in the choroid underlying the macula

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