One step slit lamp fundus exam and EHR photo chartingt

As a clinician, fundus exams take a lot of patience and the findings are difficult to chart.  Observing the fundus through a narrow slit is challenging with a teary and  often moving eye. As a conscientious examiner you hope that you did not miss anything. 

Through extensive research we have developed a break through clinical tool. It is an inexpensive, high tech fundus camera that fits onto most slit lamps and Apple™ devices.  Very easy to use!   Incredible quick to examine and record into your EHR! Your detailed 50 degree fundus  exam saves directly into your EHR.  Simply examine, and record any important finding. 

A photo doesn't miss anything it thereby improves care and is more useful for follow up than EHR's scripted words.  

Please do not confuse our fundus camera with the expensive and disappointing portable fundus cameras sold by other companies. If they work well we would never have innovated our affordable high quality fundus camera.