Enhanced Fundus Examination

 The fantastic smartphone camera capabilities are used with the free Apple iCloud upload service to give detailed EHR retinal documentation 

A Fundus photo is worth a thousand words!  

The day in and day out routine Fundus slit lamp exam is limited by the 5 degree slit.  In an era of cameras and EHRs the Fundus Examcam™️ does things better.  These are the advantages:

1. 40+ degree field never misses anything

2. Examcam™️ can be left on slit lamp for convienent slide in use

3. Photo goes directly to EHR 

The Fundus Examcam™️ is not intended to replace your fundus camera but to augment all your office exams.

 It is used in place of the slit lamp hand held Fundus exam for a detailed photographic exam. 

 Conveniently on your slit lamp and ready to use. 


 Pictures significantly benefit the office clinical Fundus exam. 

1. Gives comprehensive views of the posterior pole and never misses anything
2. Capture additional details frequently missed
3 .EHR photos are better for followup than descriptions

Macular degeneration

 The stages of macular degeneration can be followed to answer the frequent question "has my degeneration changed."

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All these benefits and you get paid for medical necessary photos